It is already for the eighth time, that the exhibition for suppliers and distributors of raw materials, equipment and testing instruments to the paint industry and corrosion protection, and also for institutions engaged in research and development, consultancy and quality assurance related to the paint industry and corrosion protection, will be organized jointly by the Hungarian Chemical Society, the Industrial Paint Research Ltd. and the Hungarian Federation of Corrosion (see attached Range of Exhibits).

Novelty of the event is the much wider product range from the supplier of the paint industry. Our aim is that beside the representatives of the paint industry and corrosion protection also visitors from other related branches, like plastic and rubber industry can find relevant information and sourcing possibilities.

Along with the exhibition, under the professional tuition of the Industrial Paint Research Ltd., lectures will be organized on the latest development results in the field of paints, corrosion protection and related areas, and on the practical problems of paint application.

Venue of the event – like in 2011 – is the ELTE Convention Centre.

Please make a reservation in your calendar for the traditional year’s end event of the branch.

Yours sincerely, in the name of the Organizing Committee:

Lívia Molnar-Nagy and Janos Bognar
Technical issues
Industrial Paint Research Ltd.
Phone: +36 1 432 8831

Beatrix Schenker
Organizational issues
Hungarian Chemical Society
Phone: +36 1 201 6883
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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